Pulpit rock

24 March, 2015 - Maskan Apartment Project, Beirut

He sees faster than any other living human. He sees so fast that when the ball comes over the plate - 90 miles an hour - he can see the stitches. So he hits the ball right out of the park.

- Michael Fried in Rosalind Krauss

Introduction by SHARNA PAX:
Maeve Brennan, 2012, 1'

Kempinski, Neil Beloufa, 2007, 14’
Rogalik, Pawel Ziemilski, 2012, 17'
Girls in Malls, Olga Pedan, 2009, 6’
Dirty Pictures, John Smith, 2007, 14’
Cold Open, Seamus Harahan, 2013, 12’
I Touched Her Legs, Eva Marie Rødbro, 2010, 15’