Pulpit rock

Screening: DEC·A·LAGE CPH
21 January, 2015 - Husets Biograf, Copenhagen

I saw a man and a woman. At least I think she was a woman and he was a man. And she was sewing the man into a white nylon bag, the sort of bag peasants use to hold potatoes or corn, tied over the back of a burro making its way doggedly to market. Craning my neck, I saw all this in the three seconds or less it took my taxi to speed past. I made a note in my notebook. Underneath in red pencil I later wrote:


- Michael Taussig

Introduction by SHARNA PAX: Porosité, Tinne Zenner, 2014, 1'

Reconnaissance, Johann Lurf, 2012, 6'
Kempinski, Neïl Beloufa, 2007, 14'
Cold Open, Seamus Harahan, 2013, 12'
I touched her legs, Eva Marie Rødbro, 2010, 15'

To navigate, in a genuine way, in the unknown necessitates an attitude of daring, but not one of recklessness (movements generated from the Magical Passes of Carlos Castaneda), Joachim Koester, 2010, 16mm, 3'
Hacked Circuit, Deborah Stratman, 2014, 15'
v.07 Dyslexic Odin, Anne Haaning, 2014, 5'
Suchy Pion (Dry Standpipe), Wojchiech Bakowski, 2012, 13'