Pulpit rock

Launch & screening: DEC·A·LAGE
24 July, 2014 - Sharna Pax HQ, London

A schizophrenic reality of this kind becomes a training ground for a particular form of irony. This irony includes a sense for the moments where truth and falsehood turn into each other. But not just that. There is also a freedom in knowing that the world is never at one with itself. For this knowledge also contains a notion that everything could also be different at any time.

- Jan Verwoert

Introduction by SHARNA PAX: Therese L. Henningsen, 2014, 3’

Entre Temps, Ana Vaz, 2012, 11'
MOTHBALLING, Amalie Smith, 2011, 5'
Leda and the Swan, Julie Born Schwartz, 2009, 11'
Reconnaissance, Johann Lurf, 2012, 6'
Stay here a while, Seamus Harahan, 2008, 0'38''

28 Rue Brichaut, Hannes Verhoustraete, 2013, 31'
Suchy Pion (Dry Standpipe), Wojchiech Bakowski, 2012, 13'