Sharna Pax presents: Every Day You Begin
The Raft at the Horse Hospital
27th June 2022, 7pm

In 2019, there was a major retrospective of Danish sculptor Sonja Ferlov Mancoba’s work at the National Gallery in Copenhagen. This short film programme takes as its starting point a portrait film of the artist made by filmmaker Torben Glarbo in 1983.
Responding to the world around us across poetry, sculpture and music, the films focus on acts of creation and moments where life and art intertwine. With an emphasis on what it means to create and how an artist’s life is intimately linked to this process, the programme proposes possibilities of cohabitation and collaboration.

The Raft is a month-long exhibition and festival by artist and filmmaker Chiara Ambrosio at the Horse Hospital from 10th June-8th July 2022

Huw Wahl
2022, UK, 10min

Shot on location in Low Four Studio (Manchester), poet Stephen Watts recites the CODA to Tenement's second publication, Stanley Schtinter's THE LIBERATED FILM CLUB.

Cauleen Smith
2014, US, 11min

Greetings to mankind! The five-note sequence of Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) is performed outdoors by New Orleans musicians at sites in their city loaded with memories. The playful interpretations of this iconic motif are a testament to the city’s free spirit, despite its unstable present and uncertain future.

Sonja Ferlov Mancoba - A Danish Sculptor in Paris
Torben Glarbo
1983, Denmark, 37min

It is autumn in Paris. The narrow streets are gray and empty of people. We enter one of the houses. The space is small and crowded with objects, stones and sculptures. The camera captures a collection of rocks and turns to the floor, where the artist bends over to draw an outline. The first draft of a new sculpture. Every day the fight begins. Every day we begin.
A visit to the Danish sculptor Sonja Ferlov Mancoba (b. 1911) and her husband, the African painter Ernest Mancoba (b. 1907), in their studio and living room in Paris.

Life After Death
Pierre Creton
2002, France, 22 min

Before I met Jean Lambert, I used to see his house, his farm, and I wondered how anybody could live in such a mess, on such a neglected property. The day I decided to approach him, under the excuse of buying milk, I came from Bénouville on my bike, with two empty bottles. Jean Lambert gave me milk and pointed out that there were other farms closer to where I lived. I went back once a week to buy milk. At some point, I crossed the threshold and a ritual started: I would have dinner at his place, once a week. I would arrive around 7 p.m. and I would leave around 2 or 3 in the morning, always on my bike, often drunk. We would eat – the fish that he fished – and listen to music (Jacques Brel, Oum Kalsoum …) on his vinyl records, that was his disco for which he would buy records at garage sales.
At some point, I proposed that we make a film. He found that to be a fun idea, even though he is distrustful about cinema. “You are wasting your time, poetry is the only thing that is good.” However, he passed away in April, the year of the eclipse. A friend and I bought Jean’s house from his daughters who hadn’t seen him in twenty years. I finished the film with him, without him.

Cauleen Smith
2017, US, 8min

A live recording of an Alice Coltrane piano performance accompanied by a visual track that documents a pilgrimage across the USA taken by Cauleen Smith, tracing historic sites of creativity and generosity that were an inspiration to her: Alice Coltrane’s Sai Anantam Ashram; the Watts Towers; and the Watervliet Shaker Historic District.