Pulpit rock

6 March 2016 - Copenhagen Short Film Festival

Sharna Pax presents a programme of five short films concerning socially and politically loaded spatial structures. They extract hidden or barely perceptible configurations; under ground, of the facade, in public and in virtual worlds through a variety of formal gestures and modes of experimentation.

In Under the Heat Lamp an Opening, Zachary Epcar offers an expanded view of the lunch crowd at an open-air restaurant, from a bird's-eye of the exterior to the depths of the interior. Sound That is a 16mm short film by Kevin Jerome Everson following employees of the Cleveland Water Department on the hunt for what lies beneath, as they investigate for leaks in the infrastructure in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
F for Fibonacci
by Beatrice Gibson unfolds through the modular machine aesthetics of the video game Minecraft, text book geometries, graphic scores, images from physics experiments, and cartoon dreams, blended with images from wall street: stock market crashes, trading pits, algorithms and transparent glass. Asta Meldal Lynge's Camera Shake encompasses a sequence of recordings of different facades and buildings whilst the camera is violently shaken. This distorts the image which is then somewhat restored in the editing of the video; here every single frame is re-positioned in an attempt to sustain a still shot of the subject depicted independent of the initial composition of the original frame. Blight by John Smith revolves around the building of the M11 Link Road in East London. The film records some of the changes which occurred in the area over a two-year period from the demolition of houses through to the start of the motorway building work. The soundtrack incorporates natural sounds associated with these events together with speech fragments taken from recorded conversations with local people.

Under the Heat Lamp an Opening by Zachary Epcar
2014 / 10 min / 16mm on HD

Sound That by Kevin Jerome Everson
2014 / 12 min / 16mm on video

F for Fibonacci by Beatrice Gibson
2014 / 16.25 min / 35mm and video on HD

Camera Shake by Asta Meldal Lynge
2013 / 5.23 min / HD video

Blight by John Smith
1994-96 / 14 min / 16mm on video