Pulpit rock

With an introduction by Sharna Pax.
4pm 3 August 2016 - Cinemateket, Copenhagen

When behind each shape more than the past lays hidden, when that which lay before us was not the future. - Rainer Maria Rilke

Sharna Pax presents Knotted Fields, a series of film screenings concerned with shifting material and industrial landscapes, and the relationship between land and those passing through it.

The physicist William Irvine conducts experimental and theoretical research into ‘knotted fields’ at the University of Chicago. Knotted vortices, or tangles of magnetic field lines, have re-emerged in modern interpretations of plasma. In his lab, Irvine seeks to understand the physics and broader role of these excitations through experiments on knotted and shaped vortices in water. Vortex Loops, Knots and Links shows how the lab knots water inside water.

Yto Barrada’s film, Faux Départ, observes the elaborate fossil industry in Morocco. Paying homage to the workers in the dry region between the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert, whose manual labour is fueling a thriving trade in artifacts real, faux and hybrid, Faux Départ looks at foreign objects and authenticity.

A fragmentary account of a journey through Jerusalem Stone quarries, Beit Iksa Boys by Maeve Brennan indirectly explores the complex role of land, stone and resources in the West Bank. With a focus on personal encounters, the human scale of such monumental forces is made visible.

In the film, Arrábida • Há Só Uma Terra by Tinne Zenner, the camera travels through the landscape of the Arrábida Natural Park south of Lisbon. Inhabited by a concrete factory, the topographic landscape and production of concrete material merge through analogue 16mm film and 3D-animation.

Luis Felipe Costa guides us through the exact same landscape and industrial site of the Arrábida Natural Park in the Portuguese television documentary A Serra da Arrábida (1973). Produced for the National Environment Commission, Luis Felipe Costa provides a critical and historical angle on a changing landscape with a journalistic approach. The film was recently subtitled by Sharna Pax / Marta Simões.

'Is there space for a green garden?’ ‘Not even for a house’. Set in Fontainhas, an impoverished quarter of Lisbon that has since been demolished, José Alberto and his mother talk of Cape Verde, the country to which he will be deported but has never seen before. O Nosso Homem (Our Man) is a short from the series of films Pedro Costa (son of Luis Felipe Costa) has made with the inhabitants of the Fontainhas quarter.

Vortex Loops, Knots and Links
William Irvine, Dustin Kleckner, Martin Scheeler from the IrvineLab at the University of Chicago
USA | 2013-14 | 2.33min | video

Beit Iksa Boys

Maeve Brennan
Palestine / UK | 2013 | 8min | video

Faux Départ
Yto Barrada
Morocco | 2015 | 23min | 16mm and digital video

Arrábida - Há Só Uma Terra (Installation version)
Tinne Zenner
Portugal / Denmark | 2016 | Silent | 13min | 16mm

A Serra da Arrábida

Luis Felipe Costa
Portugal | 1973 | 18min | 16mm

Our Man (O Nosso Homem)
Pedro Costa
Portugal | 2011 | 25min | video

Kindly supported by Kunsthal Charlottenborg & Snabslanten.