Solstice with Viki Steiri & Dario Papavassiliou
7pm 21 June 2017 - Grow Elephant, London
In celebration of summer solstice please join us for a film screening with a live-score performed by Viki Steiri & Dario Papavassiliou at Grow Elephant.

Doors will be open from 7 pm and the screening starts around 9 pm. The live performance will be preceded by a short series of films programmed by SLaroche and SSchtinter celebrating the sun, moon and passing of seasons. There will be drinks and food all evening, so come and hang out with us in the garden before and after the screening.

Salt for Svanetia
with live-score by Viki Steiri & Dario Papavassiliou
Dir: Mikhail Kalatozov
1930 | Soviet Union | 52min | 35mm on video

Salt for Svanetia is an ethnographic treasure that documents the harsh conditions of life in the mountain village of Ushgul. Often compared to Buñuel's Land Without Bread, Salt begins as a starkly rendered homage to the resourcefulness and determination of the Svan. But as the focus shifts to the tribe's barbaric religious customs, Mikhail Kalatozov's film transforms itself into a work of Communist propaganda, holding up these grotesque, near-pagan ceremonies (which many Svanetians later denied the authenticity of) as an example of religion's corruptive influence. The film is ostensibly about man's triumph over nature and the emancipation of a backward corner of the world by the Soviet government. Trapped by glaciers and mountain ranges, Svanetia was an underdeveloped and isolated region that was modernized during Stalin's first Five Year Plan. The film begins diligently enough with Lenin's pronouncement that "the Soviet Union is a country so big and diverse that every kind of social and economic way of life can be found within it." Salt for Svanetia is arguably the most visually liberated film of the silent Soviet era, introducing many of the camera techniques that would win director Mikhail Kalatozov acclaim in his Palme d'Or winner The Cranes are Flying.

Preceded by a short series of films programmed by SLaroche & SSchtinter:

Le Temps des Gitans (from Ederlezi), dir. Goran Bregovic
The Rites Of Mu, dir. KLF
The Landlord's Daughter (from Wicker Man '73), dir. Robin Hardy
Not The Bees (from Wicker Man '06), dir. Neil LaBute
Tzars Of Eros / Quatic Menace, dir. Susu Laroche
Samadhi, (sample), dir. Jordan Belson
Hotel Bardo: Sixth Floor (Dream, Baby), dir. Schtinter

We look forward to seeing you there!
Viki Steiri is a London based composer, cellist and pianist specialising in experimental and improvised music. She is a member of the band Ectopia (, who recently released an album with Wysing Polyphonic. She often collaborates with visual artists including Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Shezad Dawood, Zoe Williams, Urara Tsuchiya, and Dorine Van Meel.

Dario Papavassiliou is a physicist and multi-instrumentalist whose interest focuses on the musical traditions and instruments of Greece, Turkey and the former Ottoman Empire, in particular the santur, oud and other string instruments. He regularly performs in both traditional and experimental/improvisation ensembles.

Together they have played at Clapton Sessions, a regular showcase of experimental music curated by Tasos Stamou and Thodoris Ziarkas, and at Glasgow International, performing as part of the installation Chateau Double Wide by Urara Tsuchiya and Zoe Williams.